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Indian Motorcycle Demo Day

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This is the worst place to ride a demo ride there are just no good roads... but if you have never been on one and want to try it... this is your chance.


APR 14 AT 9 AM – APR 15 AT 9 AM


Link to Face Book Event Page


Link to Web Page (Scroll Down to Events)


Google Maps   It's the old Elle's Cycle Location





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56 minutes ago, NoGas said:

Not my thing, but if someone else is going, I'd accompany them 🤷‍♂️

Not really my thing either... maybe if they were electric.


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On 3/14/2023 at 7:00 PM, dogpark said:

Maybe I'll try it for you. 😈


Actually I am here but I won't be able to leave work until after 1pm. I'm not sure if they would still have space in the afternoon.

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Stopped by there today. Bikes are kinda fun to ride. Seem like a very narrow power range but a ton of torque when it hits on the Sport Chief.



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1 hour ago, dogpark said:

There is another Indian Demo Day on June 2 ... I put it on the Event Calendar. This time at Mungenast. 


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2 hours ago, NoGas said:

I’d rather just get a Grom or Pit-bike for that money.

Certainly an option ... but you can't take a Grom on the Katy trail.

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