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Ride Guidelines

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1. staggered formation when slabbing, but when we are riding hard, I want my whole lane, and intend to use it, so single file por favor!


2. Inevitably, there are fast people and there are those who want to ride slower. Not a problem. Ride your own ride and wave faster folks past you on the straights, We will stop before turning to get the group back together, no one gets left behind. If you come to a stop sign after falling behind, and no one is there stopped, continue straight, it means we did not turn off.


3. If you feel you must make a pass of another rider, do it on a straight and not in a corner. This is not the track, and there are very few people I trust enough to allow to pass me in a curve, and those people know who they are.


4. Hand signals- If the leader gives a hand signal of any kind, do it as well your self to signal those behind you. I use Left turn, right turn, I pat towards the ground to slow down, If I tap my tail section it means to fall into single file and follow. If I pat my helmet it means cop sighted. If I point at my eyes it means you have a light out, if I point at my gas tank, it means I need fuel. If I put a foot out on either side, look where it is pointed- it means there is something in the road, some sort of debris.


5. Gas- if you need gas, pull alongside the rider ahead of you and point at your tank. Everyone should do this one at a time to let the leader know eventually that a fuel stop is needed.


6. Stunts - Sure, a little wheelie here and there is going to happen. Use your head though. If you are going to bust out a big old stand up, pull out in the other lane and do it, so you decrease the risk of hitting one of us.


7. Law Enforcement- We do not condone evading pursuit. We will not support your actions in doing this should you choose to do so. Personally, I will not share info with LEOs should I get pulled over and you decide to run, but do not expect me to take off with you. I feel that running is a bad choice, but it is ultimately, your choice. Keep in mind that it is a felony and you will go to jail if you are caught. AGAIN, WE DO NOT CONDONE EVADING LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!


8. Passing the leader- On a pre-scheduled group ride, do not pass the leader unless you have already discussed it and set it up to happen, or you are waved by. If you still decide that you have to pass, do not necessarily expect that the group will follow you. If you want to lead a group ride, simply call one out and schedule it.


9. Gear- Please wear your gear, dress for the crash. If you are riding on a ride I am leading, wear a helmet and jacket at a bare minimum. If you are unable to come up with the needed equipment, call or pm me, I have extra gear if needed. I pick up enough chunks of people when I am at work, I do not want to do it when I am at play unless I really have to. It is your personal choice of what gear you wear, but it is my personal choice as to whether or not I will ride with you. Don't dress for the ride, dress for the slide.


STLAR, as a group, cannot emphasize enough that you need to ride at your own pace. Do not try to keep up if you are not comfortable and capable of doing so. We will not leave you behind. Our groups can be very diverse. Do not ever feel pressured to keep up. I want everyone to have fun and to do so at your own pace. No one will be left behind, no one will be ridiculed for the speed they choose to ride. Everyone has their own comfort level. Stay in it.

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